Willow View Cemetery

Willow View Cemetery

Willow View Cemetery is Ohio’s time tested cemetery where thousands of families have bid the final goodbye to their loved ones.

Our mission is to provide a proper resting place, according to you and your loved ones’ wishes and beliefs. Our staff is trained to handle crisis management, and are highly compassionate to walk with you, step by step, through the crucial process of burial.

We have three options for burials available:

  • Traditional Burial (earth burial)
  • Cremation Burial (below ground)
  • Columnbarium Niche (above ground)

We also sell monuments, markers, concrete vaults and vases to provide a comprehensive interment service.

Willow View has an experienced cemetery team that can guide you and educate you on the best options available with us. Contact us today for our assistance or a face-to-face consultation.

Willow View Cemetery
Willow View Cemetery

Standard Burials

A full earth burial located within our cemetery will need:

  • Grave 8” x 54” wide space - $950
  • Concrete Vault (no liner or seal) – buy from us or funeral home $989
  • Sealed and lined vaults are available $1700
  • Open/Closing Fee - $1200
  • Can provide Monument or Marker and Vase
Willow View Cemetery

Cremation Burials - Above or Below Ground

Above Ground

  • Columbarium Niche (All Inclusive) - $1675 (Holds Two)
  • Includes space(s), open/closing of niche, engraving (no monument necessary)

Below Ground

  • Option A:
    • On top of existing loved ones’ grave - $875
    • Will need Marker
  • Option B:
    • In the Cremorial Garden (All Inclusive)
    • Includes space
    • Open/Closing, bronze marker
    • Single - $1775
    • Double $2075
Willow View Cemetery


  • Bevels
  • Slants
  • Uprights
  • Markers
  • Prices vary based on size of granite, granite color and style of granite design
Willow View Cemetery


  • Matching Granite Colors
  • Generally $150 plus Tax